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At the core, Marketing Worldwide Corporation is an acquisition incubator, purchasing companies and patents built by passionate visionaries.

We connect these future-proofed technology partners to our portfolio, develop strong marketing and operational plans, then launch them to the world. Through extensive expert partners and strong investment backing, we are able to confidently be the step that our partners require to get world-changing concepts to market. 


We identify. We Aquire. We Develop. We Operate.

[The Focus]

Progression Driven By Passion

“Focusing on businesses and inventions that are born from passionate visionaries is the core of the Marketing Worldwide portfolio. With a strong focus on acquiring unique and patentable ideas, we’re able to turn heads, get press and turn (Marketing Worldwide) into an ‘all economies’ profit generating machine.”

-Jason Schlenk, CEO

smart investing | brilliant results


Our success is in our portfolio selection.

We are carefully adopting companies and concepts that have unique and interesting takes on new technologies, disruptive products, or a brilliant path to connect with new audiences. Our internal team has exceptional and proven experiences with small start-ups to giant revenue producing machines.

As the world is ever changing, we’ve identified that the strongest method for sustainable growth is to diversify our offerings through different business models. As one industry is growing, we’re able to develop the others.

Multiple streams of revenues means we’re here for the long haul. 

Take a look at what Marketing Worldwide brings to the table.

Investment and Infusion

With access to avenues of funding not accessible to the average small business, we are able to utilize enhanced budgeting to bring the acquired company to market faster and more professionally.

Leadership with Experience

The acquired entity instantly has a professional leadership team to rely on within the umbrella of Marketing Worldwide. Our management team focuses on what is most important, the core business model.

Stronger and Effective

Through our branding partners we will put a personality to a company that speaks to the target client. The right wording and presentation is the difference between a good interaction, and a forgetful one.

Financial Projection and Analysis

Each new entity will be carefully forecasted to show prospective revenues, break even points, and operational costs. This is the foundation to a successful engagement.

Operational Team Building

A company is only as strong as the team behind it. Upon acquisition, a strong and experienced team will be brought in to develop and sell the technology adopted by Marketing Worldwide.

Strategic Growth Planning

Be it a long-term resident of the Marketing Worldwide portfolio, or a company that can be purchased when fully operational – our focused strategic planning drives how we work with each entity individually.

[We’re Always Looking]


Our acquisitions team is constantly on the lookout for the next emerging technology that can be adopted into our system.

Our ideal target entities are firms with fresh new ideas, or a business that revives an established concept. In addition to our currently engaged partners, we are looking for brilliant architects that are shaking up their industry with patentable, revenue focused ideas.


Fintech (B2C)

The fastest growing segment in 2021 is financial management software and applications. There’s a massive demand to manage ones money and to earn an on-demand income. 


Cyber Security (B2B)

More than ever, the information on the internet is a target for malicious parties and competitors looking to get a leg up. We are looking to battle internet security from the front lines.


Augmented Reality

Within this decade the AR hardware will make it more accessible than ever and companies with this in mind will be ahead of the curve. As hard ware becomes part of the day-to-day in just a few short years, companies thinking ahead will be the ones that will win. 


Social Connectivity

The tastes of consumers are changing faster than ever! Teaming up with an entity that can challenge the way we connect currently aligns perfectly with the Marketing Worldwide portfolio of companies. 


Decentralized Curency / Crypto Exchange

Finding a crypto currency that is unique and forward thinking would be music to our ears. A viral twist on an established technology is what we would be seeking.

Consumer Money Saving Applications

With an uncertain global financial future, finding a disruptive approach to bringing peace of mind to people around the globe is a perfect fit for our strategic vision.

If you have a developed concept, and would be interested in presenting it to the Marketing Worldwide team, please email with your presentation.

 Marketing WorldWide trades in the OTC Markets under the ticker symbol $MWWC.

We are actively moving towards a strong base business with strong technology PARTNERS, AND ARE ACTIVELY INTEGRATING OUR FIRST TECHNOLOGIES.


Marketing WorldWide Corporation


Marketing Worldwide is a technology acquisition incubator with the sole purpose of bringing concepts to revenue utilizing the expertise and financial backing of seasoned strategic owners. We take on the challenges of bringing a company to market and to foster brilliant concepts to garner immense value to our stakeholders, partners, and clients.

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